Park Guidelines


For your comfort and safety, the following guidelines have been established. Your cooperation will ensure all guests maximum enjoyment from their stay with us. This is NOT a permanent residence park. You assume responsibility for your conduct and actions of all guests and visitors within your campsite and limits of the park. You are responsible and are expected to abide by the following rules:

  • All rent is calculated from move-in date and is due on or before the anniversary date. If rent will not paid on time, RV will need to be moved out immediately. It will be towed to tow yard if necessary. 
  • Check out time is 3:00 pm. 
  • Quiet time = 10 pm to 7 am. Please be especially mindful of other guests during these hours. 
  • Young children must be accompanied by their adult any time they are moving around the park, at restroom, play area, etc.
  • Pets are welcome! But must be with their people and kept on a leash if walking in the park. Clean up after your pet!.  We do not allow outside pets. 
  • Please have your guests park in your lot and in gravel parking areas only. For additional long term parking space, inquire with management for rates. DO NOT PARK ON GRASS. 
  • In compliance with environmental regulations, no washing or mechanical servicing of cars, RVs or trucks is allowed in the park. No automotive repair or oil changes. 
  • Lots must be kept clean and tidy. No clothes lines or excessive storage of items around or under RV. Items that may be allowed left out are very limited. Check with management. On-site storage units are available for rent. 
  • No digging of any kind. All plants must be in pots or containers and placed on gravel area only. 
  • Please bag all trash and put in dumpster that is provided onsite. NO building materials are allowed. Dumpster empties twice per week. 
  • ALL Smoking is prohibited in all park buildings including restrooms and laundry room. Dispose of cigarette butts in appropriate trash receptacles, NOT ON THE GROUND. 
  • Park speed limit: 5 mph at all times. SLOW DOWN WHEN DRIVING THRU PARK!! 
  • Respect others privacy, do not drive through or walk across any RV lots. Do not use empty lots as drive – thru. 
  • No power tools to be used before 9 am or after 7 pm. 
  • All septic connections must be air tight with proper fittings. No duct tape. 
  • There are no cable or telephone connections available. Must have HD antenna or satellite. 
  • No ATV use inside park. 
  • If park facilities are used, please CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF for the next guest use. These facilities are for our park campers only. 
  • Be informed that Harbor RV Park is not a permanent residence park.  There may be  restriction on time allowed in the park in consideration of town ordinances as well as other factors that may be considered.  
  • Only ONE 30 amp OR ONE 50 amp may be used per lot / camper.  Additional fees may be charged for extra electrical usage.
  • RV units subject to approval by management. Generally there is a 20-year-old RV age limit allowed in the park. Be aware and adhere to seasonal requirements for lot space rental.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 
  • The park property borders Benny's Lake.  However, this lake is privately owned and lake activities are not allowed as part of the Harbor RV Park.  It is enjoyed for scenery only.
  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted at your site only and never in excess. Illegal drugs of any kind are NOT permitted on the property and suspicion of their use will be reported to the police. 
  • *If police are called to lot you are renting, you will need to vacate the park immediately. This is a no tolerance policy. 

Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or losses of any kind to campers or their visitors. The above rules are for the comfort and safety of all campers and guests. Guest campers shall be responsible for all damage caused by themselves or any of their respective visitors. Guests agree to abide by all park rules and regulations set forth herein, as well as those posted or distributed, plus all terms of this agreement. 
Management reserves the right to evict any person(s) without refund for failure to observe park rules and regulations.